21 November 2016 - tardgps

Dave Robinson has continued his work into GPS Spoofing and its implications. Dave has developed a tool call tardgps which allows an attacker to change the time on a GPS-enabled NTP server without crashing the NTP daemon. This time manipulation was first presented on at Kiwicon X in Wellington.

07 July 2016 - Steamer

Import, manage, search public dumps. Do you have massive amounts of CSV, .sql, .txt, that have credentials, passwords, and hashes inside? Use Steamer to manage them! Load them into a MongoDB database, and either use the console directly, or just use the handy web interface (complete with JSON export).

07 July 2016 - GPS Snitch

Dave Robinsons work on GPS spoofing has led to the developement of a tool called gpsnitch which is designed to identify such attacks. Dave's original research into this topic was presented in Melbourne at Unrestcon